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Video Show Reels

Video show reels are a fantastic way to show a casting professional the true potential of your baby. Time and time again, we find that babies with a video show reel are requested more often than babies without one.

What works best?

Video clips shot in soft, diffuse (studio) lighting with no distracting background features or distracting sounds. We have found that videos on a white background, up to one minute lond, overlaid with contemporary music, work extremely well.

As part of the Free Test Shoot, the photographers will shoot some high quality video clips of your baby which, when edited, are ideal for use on this website

Video Show Reel Examples

These videos below can be seen in our example portfolio pages

Who can see the videos?

The videos are placed on our unlisted , hidden Youtube account. This means that they will never be publicly accessible through any search engines such as Google.

When parents register with the agency, they can request that baby's portfolio is password protected. This means that only industry professionals and other parents who have registered with us can see the videos on our website.

What are the costs involved?

An administration charge of £95 is made. This covers the cost of the work involved in shooting, editing and displaying the video on your child's portfolio pages.

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