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Sky TV Documentary

Type: Sky TV Documentary
Location: Nationwide
5 Year Project
Models: 6 families required

Sky is making a groundbreaking feature length documentary series that will tell the story of six families over five years of their life. The series will tell the story of each family’s dreams, ambitions and journey over this period.

We all belong to a family in one form or another and this ambitious project wants to celebrate and embrace the universal experiences of family life – from the things that challenge its members and what unites them, to the themes of family life we can all relate to. 

For the families taking part, the films will be the best home movies imaginable – the story of their lives, both intimate and epic, made by the very best documentary makers in the business.

So, where do you see yourself in five years? Are you getting married? Embarking on a new business venture? Maybe you’re reconnecting with family or want a family member to change paths? Do you have a talented child who is on the cusp of achieving their dreams? Perhaps you’re entering a new chapter in life… where could life take you and your family?

Through the journeys of real families like yours, we can to tell powerful stories of life in modern Britain. Whatever your story, whether you have a plan or just seeing where life takes you, the team would love to hear from you.

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