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Parent Registration



Congratulations! If you are on this page then you and your baby have been invited to join the agency.

Fill out the form below. The cost of registration is very affordable and represents amazing value for money. Payment is completely safe and secure through PayPal. Please note that you do not need an account with Paypal, you can simply use you credit or debit cards to pay.

Register NOW for just 55

Registration with us normally costs £155. However, to make it more affordable for everyone, we ask you to pay just 55 up front.

Payment of the rest is deferred until you and baby are getting booked out on assignments. The fees payable are for the design, upload and maintenance of your baby's portfolio on our website.

Once we receive the registration form, you are invited along for a Test Photo Shoot to assess baby's potential. Providing all goes well, baby's portfolio pages are created. If you need more information on the process. please read through our FAQ's Page.

If the test shoot is a complete disaster (very rare) and we find baby is not suitable, we will refund any money paid. However, parents should not worry about this aspect of the process, we realise that babies have off days (due to teething etc) and we will work around such problems.

Start by entering baby's name and DOB

Baby's Details

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  • Blue   
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  • Grey   
  • Brown   
  • Light Brown   
  • Blonde   
  • Black   
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  • White   
  • Black   
  • Asian   
  • Oriental   
  • 50/50 Mix   

The cost of registration is just 55

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