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Baby Model Rates

Model fees are charged by the day or by the hour. Different Model Rates apply in respect of each of modeling for the purposes of still photography (Photographic Modeling) and modeling for the purposes of television commercials and video (Telegraphic Modeling).

Photographic Modeling

Hourly Rate60
Daily Rate300
Agency Fee+20%
Fittings30 per hour
Sizings30 per hour

The Agency's fees for Photographic Modeling are the applicable model rates plus a supplement of twenty five per cent. Both agency fees and model fees will be invoiced by the agent. Unless otherwise agreed at the time of the booking the model disbursement is included at 75% and the agent's fee at 25% of the invoice total. VAT and any agreed expenses will be added where appropriate.

TV & Commercial Rates

Daily Rate180
Recall50 per hour
Wardrobe50 per hour
Extra100 per day

Equity contract television commercials – The fee negotiated by the agent is the artist's fee from which the agency commission will be deducted at twenty five per cent of the invoice total. VAT and any agreed expenses will be added.

Television commercials involving a buy out – The Agency will charge a supplement of 20% on both the shoot fee and the buyout fee. Both the shoot fee and the buy out fee shall be negotiated in respect of each booking at the time of booking.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Agency, the minimum booking is for 2 hours. The Agency shall include in the invoice any agreed expenses. For further information on fees including overtime rates, traveling, usage territories and exclusion fees, please have a look at our Client Terms & Conditions.

Client Terms & Conditions

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