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Newspaper Article

Type: National Newspaper
Location: Nationwide
Availability: Urgent ASAP
Fee: Very well paid

Our client is a multi award winning journalist, who, over the last 15 or so years has worked for just about every UK newspaper and magazine found on the shelves (and online).

As a professional journalist at the top of his game, he covers a broad range of topics with a particular emphasis on medical, health and family issues.


The news paper may ask you to email over some pictures. The will sometimes send a photographer around to your home to take a few snaps. The journalist will normally do a a very short telephone interview.

It shouldn't make much of a dent in your time and it's very well paid - nice work if you can get it!

Fill out the Form

When you fill out the form, it will be forwarded directly to the news team.


This title can be found in the email or notification we sent you eg Newspaper Health Article. It is NOT what you do for a living


Please fill this out with information that is asked for in the email. The more detail you give, the better are the chances of being selected.

Attach a couple Photos

Don't forget to send a couple of recent photos which are relative to the new article. No black and white or arty stuff!

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