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ITV Lorraine

Type: Lorraine Kelly
Producer: ITV
Location: London
Age: 7/8 month Pregnant Lady
Pay: £TBC

ITV's Lorraine are looking for expectant Mums for our new parenting feature. 

Our presenter Giovanna Fletcher will be investigating the effects that pregnancy and having children can have on a woman's life. 

We'd like to do this by taking Giovanna to talk to a few Mums-to-be about things like

  • The effect that pregnancy/child birth has on your body
  • The effect that it has on your relationships (with both partner and/or friends and family
  • The effect on your mental state
  • Any work-related changes 
  • As well as anything else that is important/personal to you

We'd love to spend a day filming with you and Giovanna pre-birth and then follow you on your journeys by catching up with you again a few months later

This would be a great opportunity to share your experiences of pregnancy in a supportive environment, with women going through similar changes to you, including the lovely Giovanna

You need to be registered with us in order to be considered for jobs such as these.

Apply TODAY.

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