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Comfort Fabric Softener

Type: TV Commercials
Producer: Comfort Pure
Location: Greater London
Model: Newborns
Pay: £180 plus £1200 buyout

Comfort Pure - Newborns Required for TV Advert

We are looking to find new-born babies to appear in a beautiful TV Commercial for Comfort. The film will be directed by Patricia Murphy, an internationally renowned, award-winning director with extensive experience in filming young babies. Patricia’s film will capture the breath-taking, precious moments of an infant’s early days in the world.

We are looking for Mothers to be that may be interested in their (as yet un-born) babies taking part in our films, the following criteria are required:

  • 2-4 weeks old at the time of our filming
  • Greater London area.
  • All nationalities/ethnicities
  • Preference for an olive complexion
  • Dark hair and brown (or dark blue) eyes

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