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Fork Lift Safety Film

Type: Fork Lift Safety Film
Producer: BMS
Location: Nottingham
Age: Boy 4+ years
Pay: £150

We are producing a hard-hitting safety culture film to promote best practice when working with forklift trucks. The film itself will focus on the story of a forklift operator whose life has been changed by a serious accident at work. The film will be led by a scripted narrative that will play out underneath "reconstruction" shots of the incident. We would like the narrative to sound as if it has been lifted from an actual interview i.e. as genuine and believable as possible.

We require supporting actors to play the part of our forklift driver's wife and young son in one scene set within the home. The parts are non-speaking roles and should take no longer than 2 hours to film.

James is the young son of our forklift driver. We see him featuring in the same scenes as his mother and father, firstly at the breakfast table and later in one shot of him watching his Dad return home.

Filming will be taking place in Nottingham so ideally we would like somebody in that region, or who can travel.

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